"Interview with trainees of the KUTEL course"

At the Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications named after Gumarbek Daukeyev, an interview with the students of the “Quality Assurance of Technology Enhanced Learning course of the KUTEL project” was conducted. It was attended by:

- Director of the Department “Analysis and Development Strategy” Basen Zh.

- specialist of the Department “Analysis and Development Strategy” Shuyebayeva D.

- Head of the Department "Electronics and Robotics" T. Chigambayev

- Lecturer of the Department of "Electronics and Robotics" Nurgizat E.

During the interview, the participants spoke about the impact of the online courses of the KUTEL project on the individual level. According to the participants, while studying online trainings, the listeners got acquainted with the document "European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education" (ESG, 2015). They learned more about the relevance of technology-assisted learning (TeL) in Kazakhstani higher education institutions. In conditions when distance education is becoming an objective reality, skills in this area can hardly be overestimated. Internal and external quality assurance in education, the use of technological innovations - these are the competencies that will be useful in their work.

Due to the online trainings of the KUTEL project, students gained invaluable experience in quality assurance in higher education using innovative technologies, learned new teaching methods using (TeL) technologies, and also made new acquaintances.

It should be noted that online courses provided an excellent opportunity for each student to develop independently.

According to the participants, this training is necessary both for the administrative department of higher education institutions and for the faculty.