Double-degree education for AUPET undergraduates at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences allocates 4 places (possibly up to 10 places) for 2-year AUPET undergraduates for obtaining double-diploma education (DDE) in Germany.

Benefits of the DDE program:

-international experience;

-job prospects after graduation;

-obtaining 2 diplomas (AUPET + Anhalt University of Applied Sciences).

Conditions of education:

- good academic performance;

- fluency in English;

- tuition is free, the rest of the expenses are at the expense of undergraduates (visa, insurance, airfare, accommodation in a dormitory).

Educational programs for DDE:

1. Power Engineering (Master's degree);

2. Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications (master's degree).

Language of instruction: Russian, English.

!For more information, please contact the Department of International Cooperation and Academic Mobility.