International conference for schools, gymnasiums, colleges and universities «Future of education: its quality and accessibility»

On January 05, 2023, an international seminar “Future of Education: its quality and accessibility” was held within the framework of the KUTEL (Erasmus+) project. This seminar was organized by the Zhezkazgan University named after O.A. Baikonurov and was held online on the Zoom platform.

During the discussion of the seminar, the issues of the balance of pedagogy and technology: how to ensure the success of students after the pandemic, exchange programs and grant opportunities for schoolchildren, students and teachers were recommended, and new trends in education were proposed.

The following foreign partners spoke at the seminar among the Kazakh speakers:

Dr. Lori Goodson with report «STEM virtual training opportunity»,
Kansas State University, USA;

Professor Vessela Ilieva, Utah Valley University, USA. Vessela Ilieva spoke about the quality of education with the help of digital technologies on the topic “Education Issues in the USA” - PhD in Education.

More than a hundred people took part in the international seminar.

The leading specialist of the “Department of Analysis and Strategy Development”, D.A. Shuyebayeva participated from the AUPET team.