Hubert Humphrey Scholarship Program provides Kazakhstani specialists with the opportunity to improve their professional qualifications at US universities for 10 months. 13 major universities in the United States accept program participants.


Hubert Humphrey Scholarships are available in the following specialties:

Sustainable development

Agricultural and rural development

Economic Development / Finance and Banking

Natural Resources / Ecology / Climate Change

Urban and regional planning

Building Democratic Institutions

Journalism / Media

Jurisprudence and Human Rights

Public Policy Analysis / Public Administration

People Traffic, Policies and Prevention

Technology: Politics and Management

Human resources management


Educational policy, management and planning

Management in Higher Education

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Public health

Public Policy and Health Management

Fighting AIDS: Policy and Prevention

Narcology, treatment and prevention of drug addiction

Candidate Requirements

Candidates must

Be specialists in leadership positions, have the aspiration and experience of social activities, as well as the potential for professional growth

Have higher education

Have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the specialty after graduation at the end of August 2020

Speak English and have at least 525 points on the TOEFL paper version or 71 points on the Internet version

Be citizens of Kazakhstan and not have permanent resident status in another country

Candidates should not

Study at a Masters or Doctoral program in the United States for one year or more in the last 7 years until August 2020

Stay in the United States for more than 6 months from the last 5 years until August 2020.

Be a teacher, research fellow without managerial responsibilities, with the exception of English teachers or specialists in the field of drug prevention and treatment.

Required documents

Online profile

2 recommendation letters

Notarized copies of higher education diplomas and copies of diploma supplements.

Application Process

You can access the online application form at

The deadline for submitting documents is July 25, 2019.

Selection of candidates is carried out by the US Embassy in Kazakhstan and is considered by an independent commission in the United States. The International Scholarship Council endorses the final selection of participants. The list of participants who received Hubert Humphrey Fellowships will be announced in March 2020.