KUTEL Erasmus+

In order to improve the quality assurance processes in teaching using new technologies, the Non-profit Joint-Stock Company “Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications named after Gumarbek Daukeev” participates in the new project “KUTEL” within the framework of the Erasmus + program.

Project name: Kazakh Universities to foster Quality Assurance in Technology Enhanced Learning

Project abbreviation: KUTEL

Period: 3 years

Budget: 1.000.000 Euro

Project Coordinator: Guglielmo Marconi University (Rome, Italy)

Priority: Modernization of policies, governance and management of Higher Education Institutions – Improving management and operation of Higher education Institutions - Quality assurance processes and mechanisms

Target Country: Kazakhstan

Purpose: The project aims to improve the quality and relevance of technology-based education (TeL) in Kazakhstani higher education institutions and the inclusion of higher education in the European space. The main objective of the project is to improve, develop and implement accreditation standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure the quality of TeL courses and training programs at the national level.





The concrete objectives of the project are to:

  1. improve, develop and implement accreditation standards, guidelines and procedures for quality assurance of technology-enhanced learning study programs according to EU practices at Kazakhstan universities;
  2. establish the framework for improving TEL quality assurance and eLearning methodology on HE institutional level in Kazakhstan universities;
  3. provide training for relevant members of HE educational and public authorities responsible for accreditation and evaluation of TEL programs.


KUTEL Partners

Guglielmo Marconi University;

Burgas Free University;

University of Turku;

Special Account for Greek Open University Research Funds

Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University

International Institute of Information Technologies

Kokshetau University named after Abay Myrzakhmetov

Kostanay Regional University named after A. Baitursynov

O.A. Baikonurov Zhezkazgan University



Public Foundation “Youth Front of the Leader of the Nation” (FOUNDATION);

Non-profit JSC "Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications named after Gumarbek Daukeyev"

Caspian State University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh.Yessenov

WP1: Basic Analysis

1.1 The charter of the scientific and educational team;

1.2 Analysis and synthesis of data - the current state of higher education concerning the existing TEL quality assurance structure (institutional level) in Europe and Kazakhstan;

1.3 Analysis and synthesis of data - the current state of higher education concerning the TEL Quality Assurance System (national level) in Europe and Kazakhstan;

1.4 Definition of European QA standards for TEL based on the best national practices collected in each European country participating in the project (at least 2 for each partner);

1.5 Comparative analysis and synthesis of data to establish basic quality standards for TEL in Kazakhstan and European universities;

1.6 Preparation of a report with recommendations on the KUTEL quality assurance structure.


WP2: Developing QA policies for TEL and conducting training to strengthen structural capabilities

2.1 Charter of the development team;

2.2 Development of the KUTEL training concept;

2.3 Design and configuration of the KUTEL platform;

2.4 Development of KUTEL technological infrastructures in each university of the partner country;

2.5 Design and development of the KUTEL QA curriculum for the pilot course.


WP3: Quality Assurance

3.1 Creation of a quality assurance team;

3.2 Drawing up a quality assurance plan;

3.3 Selection of an external quality expert;

3.4 Data processing and analysis at the national international level;

3.5 Quality reporting for management and products.


WP4: Distribution and Exploitation

4.1 Creation of a valorization team;

4.1.1 Drawing up a valorization plan;

4.2 KUTEL design and site update;

4.2.1 Compilation, translation and delivery of electronic newsletters (EN, RU, KZ);

4.3 Design of posters / brochures, translation and printing of EN, RU, KZ);

4.3.1 Delivery of posters / brochures;

4.3.2 Preparation of documents;

4.4 Participation in key thematic conferences at the national / international level;

4.5 Identification of national / international key stakeholders;

4.6 Delivery of promotional materials for key parties at the national level.


WP5: Project Management

5.1 Signing of contracts;

5.2 Statutes of the Steering Committee and working groups;

5.3 Planning the KUTEL project;

5.4 Preparation of the KUTEL management manual;

5.5 Management of project activities and administrative matters;

5.6 Communication between partners, with EACEA and others.

5.7 Participation in EACEA meetings;

5.8 Development and participation in project meetings (plenary and virtual);

5.9 Development of monitoring tools;

5.10 Ongoing monitoring of project activities (ongoing updating of the project plan);

5.11 Preparation of final reports.

AUPET team (Р-13) consists of 7 people:

1. Project coordinator – Saule Sagintaeva (Rector of AUPET);

2. Project manager – Dana Iskakova (Leading specialist of the Department of International Cooperation and Academic Mobility);

3. Researcher – Madina Aliyarova (Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Academic Mobility);

4. Researcher – Rufina Mukhamejanova (Director of the Department of Academic Affairs);

5. Researcher – Gulsara Estemesova (Associate Professor of the Department of Electronics and Robotics);

6. Researcher – Dinara Shuebaeva (Specialist of the Department of Analysis and Development Strategy);

7. Administrative staff – Akmaral Arzykulova (Accountant, Payroll Sector).





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